Be Still

“Be Still.”

These exact words have been written or heard from a number of places, such as the Bible, Buddha or Oprah Winfrey, just to name a few.

But what does that actually mean?

First of all, in our fast-paced society punctuated by the 24 hour news cycle, our collective workaholic nature and the constant presence of social media, the advice to “be still” seems trite at best, if not downright impossible.

It is also necessary to our well being.

Science itself has consistently shown the benefits of being still, even if its only for five minutes a day. Anecdotally, carving out time to be still has done wonders for my racing mind, and I definitely feel a negative difference when I don’t take the time to do so.

Being still doesn’t necessarily require a yoga mat, burning sage and a mantra to be repeated for 20 minutes (but if that’s your ritual, go for it!). For you, being still may mean taking a breather at your desk, taking a seat in your backyard, or finding solitude in the shower. For me, being still is simply laying on my bed in what yoga practitioners know as the “corpse pose,” taking a couple of deep breaths and, if only for a moment, letting my thoughts completely settle into silence.

That’s it. Simple.

In that silence I’m able to just be-to enjoy the fact that I’m still breathing, to hear my own heartbeat and to remember that no matter what I may face or have faced during that day, I’m still here and I can always come back to this place of absolute rest. Many times during this stillness I take the time to pray. I don’t ask God for anything. Instead, I just say “thank you.”

Whether you have a relationship with the Divine or not is irrelevant to this practice. Just be still. Be still and know.

Be still and know that everything is OK.

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