Take Inventory

Every January I flip my hangers backwards.

As I wear each piece, I flip the hanger forward. Any garment on a hanger still facing opposite in June either gets tossed if in bad shape, or donated to a women’s shelter if it’s in good shape. The process repeats itself from June to December. In doing this, the results are the same: I end up with a very bare closet, leaving room for it to be filled with new clothing that I actually enjoy while underutilized clothing either gets thrown out or given to someone in need. I’ve even given away clothes that still have the tags attached, impulse buys that lost their shine as soon as they hit my closet.

Just the same, we can find ourselves with an overflowing life from time to time. Between commitments, deadlines and saying “Yes” more often than not (and more often than we should, to be honest), we come to a place where we hold on to many things that, in truth, are uselessly consuming precious space that can be used for people, activities and goals that truly serve us. Therefore, it is important for us to take out time to take inventory of what we have, who our friends are and how we spend our time. While commitments such as family and work can’t be erased, activities outside of that realm that cause us more stress than joy can and should be on the chopping block to make room for what truly matters.

It’s okay to take inventory. It’s okay to let go.


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