“I really believe that if I want something, God has three answers. It’s either ‘Yes,’ ‘Yes, but not right now,’ or ‘No, because I have something better in store for you.'”

-Kerry Washington

There are fewer emotions that sting more than the pang of rejection.

On the surface, it seems unfair. No matter how hard you worked, how certain you were, how absolutely perfect it all went somehow you still didn’t get the job, you still didn’t get the part, he still never called you back. The reward never came and you truly don’t understand why. In cases like these, it is so easy to lament the unfairness of it all and wonder if you’ll ever get the credit that you deserve.

However, I would like to offer you an alternative.

On the one hand, the person who received what you thought you deserved may have a few lessons to learn along with their reward that you’ve already mastered. Even worse, the blessing wasn’t really a blessing at all, and would have caused much more distress than joy, or would have costed you more time and aggravation than what it’s truly worth.

Meanwhile, this particular “no” has made way for an even better “yes” that has yet to come your way. This rejection may actually be the catalyst into a life even better than what you had in mind. If you stay open to it, a rejection can be the redirection you need into a calling, a bright future that was truly meant for you.

When you get a “no,” of course it’s natural to mourn-but don’t wallow for too long. Rest assured that your ship is coming in right on time.

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