How to Build a Self-Care Basket

In these stressful times, the self-care movement has become even more poignant. With a plethora of products and services being sold to us in the name of rest and relaxation, the mission to reach zen can become… well, stressful. However, I have found that with just a little thought and preparation, achieving a sense of calm after a stressful day can literally be within reach. Enter: the self-care basket.

Mind you, this is not a new concept. However, I would like to show you how many of the elements that you use to mellow out are much closer than you think. With the exception of the snacks, everything in my self-care basket (pictured below) were already mine. I just had to put them together and put them in reach. Each element touches upon each sense (touch, taste, smell, sight, and vision), making it a holistic approach to winding down.

Here’s what’s in my basket:

Mala Beads: I’ve had my Vision Mala from Modern Om for quite some time now. It helps me stay on track with my mantras during meditation, plus it’s so pretty. One of the best investments I have ever made, bar none.

Coloring Book with Colored Pencils: This coloring book was actually a gift from a dear friend of mine. Coloring the intricate designs helps me clear my head while tapping into my inner child.

Stuffed Animal: This was also a gift, this time from my boyfriend. It was given to me after having an especially trying week. I cherish it immensely.

Journals: When my thoughts are loud and clear, I use the poppy journal with blank pages to get them onto paper. It especially comes in handy when I have a great idea or ten. When I need to center my thoughts, Exhale the Journal helps me through the noise with prompts, lists, and gentle reminders to be kind to myself.

Fashion Magazines: While paying attention to current events is important, sometimes I need to dive into something a bit more fun (but no less informative). That’s why I always keep a fashion and beauty magazine on hand. In addition to ogling the latest on the runway, the thought-provoking articles help me stretch my mind without straining it.

Beauty Products: Speaking of beauty, the Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks soothes and hydrates my tired peepers while the Tumeric Whipped Shea Butter by Miami-based artisan Shea by Ashira relaxes sore muscles while hydrating my skin (not to mention it smells divine).

Snacks: Lately I’ve been into Skittles, but other days there may be a chocolate bar or some chips. I give into my craving, but in moderation of course.

Incense: I have several types, but Egyptian Musk and Honeysuckle are my favorites. I usually get them from my local sellers, but Amazon sells them in bulk for cheap.

My “Beast” Fan: This came as part of the PR package for the Alyssa Edwards+Anastasia Beverly Hills collaboration. For some reason, the sound of it flipping open lifts my spirits. Plus, I can’t get over how pink and sparkly it is.

Music: No moment of bliss is complete without a soundtrack. Here’s my list, curated by yours truly via Spotify.

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