Choosing Hope

The passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has sparked more that just widespread mourning.

With our political climate in shambles, it was all too easy for fear to overshadow what should have been a celebration of the legacy she left behind. To be fair, our political climate is in shambles and the idea of a certain someone installing his pick for her replacement is a sobering (if not horrifying) thought. However, in honor of her memory, I am determined to do my part to thrive, no matter the obstacles set before me.

Ginsburg was the quintessential definition of a trailblazer. Rather than succumbing to the roadblocks that came with being female and Jewish, she dared to challenge the gender-biased laws and norms of the time, and did the work in helping women and queer people gain the recognition and independence they deserved, even in the face of a deeply patriarchal, homophobic society. She quite literally gave us everything she had up until her last days. Therefore, who am I to suddenly become fatalistic? If she, even on her deathbed, had hope for a better tomorrow in the face of dark times, then I too can keep my head up and my feet marching forward towards such a future.

Yes, mourn her. But do not lose hope. If anything, now is the time for us to be even more hopeful and ready to do the work to make those hopes a reality. It’s what she would have wanted. She said so herself.

May her memory be a blessing and a revolution.

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