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Setbacks and Comebacks

If nothing else, this year has taught me that God laughs at the best-laid plans.

I had it all figured out: I was finally moving into what I thought would be my “grown-up” profession. I thought that my life was heading into a direction I had wanted to take it for so long. However, I found myself back in the beauty field in a matter of one week. One would think that I would lament this as a setback.

In reality, I have never felt more on purpose in my life.

Sometimes, life would have it that we’re knocked out of what we think our calling is, only to either go in a completely direction or (in my case) return to where we were before. It’s a homecoming of sorts. It’s a second chance to pursue our passions, this time unencumbered with the fears of how people may perceive us. I’m learning now that we cannot make choices simply because they make sense on paper. What may look like an advancement may actually be a demotion. Conversely, what appears to be beneath you may actually be where you thrive like never before.

I will get more into the details another day. For now, I’m ready for this setback to be my comeback.

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