What Now?

Yesterday was… eventful, to say the least.

In case it isn’t obvious: I am not at all a fan of Donald Trump, and I was even more unimpressed and disappointed with his (ill-gotten) run at the presidency. I did indeed celebrate as I watched President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris take the stage with their families in triumph. I felt a surge of relief knowing that The Occupant was on his way out. Most notably, I swelled with pride knowing that I was alive to witness history being made with Senator Harris being the first woman and first person of color to soon inhabit the second-highest position in our government. It also makes me smile that, like me, she is a descendant of immigrant Jamaican heritage.

Among all of this joy, however, we still have work to do.

For over four years, the United States has been gripped with division, hatred, and outright lies. I have found myself in arguments that did not end well and in conflicts that ended friendships, as I was (and am) unable to reconcile associating with anyone who would bypass the bigotry and misogyny of an greedy, unscrupulous imposter to save a few dollars in a tax bracket they don’t even belong to. I am all for “healing the soul of the nation,” but not before there is a full reckoning for the pain caused by the outgoing administration’s rhetoric and policies. We will rebuild and reconcile, but not before we examine the underlying sickness in this country that still overlooks the oppressed in favor of fear masquerading as power. When those who have privilege finally loosen the grip on their insecurities and scarcity mindset and become accepting of true equality and equity, they will find that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain in a society that truly believes in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone, even if they don’t look, love, believe, or-and get this-vote the same way you do.

So yes, we celebrate. We dance in the streets. We look forward with hope.

We also get ready to work our asses off to make this better future more than just a dream, but a reality.

Freedom and justice for all, and this time around, we mean ALL.

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