Going Forward

As the holidays draw closer, I cannot help but reflect on this trying, albeit rewarding, year. To say that a lot has happened is a gross understatement, as 2020 was marked by a particularly combative election season, an ongoing uprising against racism and police brutality, not to mention a pandemic that still has many nations (including the US) in its grip. On a personal note, the shuttering my my fledgling clothing line, several job changes, and a recent breakup added to the strain of an already intensely emotional time.

Even so, I am grateful.

I am grateful that I have miraculously avoided contracting COVID-19 and that my family is still largely unaffected by this elusive illness. I am grateful that I managed to launch a scented candle company that sold out within a month. I’m grateful to be able to return to the beauty world as a skin healer for an amazing company that treats me well while enabling to pursue a passion that I thought I had to abandon for a more “sensible” career.

Most of all, I am grateful for the growth. I have still survived 100 percent of my bad days and, with proper care, those bad days are becoming fewer and further between. I have an amazing family, a roof over my head, and a chance to build the life of my dreams-which is an opportunity not everyone has. If nothing else, this year has taught me that gratitude is the antidote to crisis, and even in the worst of times, it is still possible to not only move forward, but to thrive in the midst of absolute chaos.

As for this blog, you’re going to see it shifting gears. As much as I love waxing poetic about mental health and social issues (with the occasional beauty review), I’ve noticed that I don’t talk too much about… me. Perhaps there was a part of me that thought it was pretentious to assume anyone really cared about what I had for lunch. However, if I want this blog to assume it’s full potential, it’s high time that I start letting you, the reader, into my life rather than just my thoughts. Stay tuned; it’s going to get fun. In the meantime: Happy Holidays, stay safe, and stay well.

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