2021 is shaping up to be a year of reinvention for me.

Two weeks have passed and while so much is still the same (namely, an ever-present pandemic that has brought about a new normal), there is also much change on the horizon. One could imagine why I may feel overwhelmed…

And yet, I don’t.

In fact, I feel more excitement than anything else.

Transitioning to the idea that life was happening for me rather than to me has a major hand in all of this. I have finally come to understand that while there are many aspects of my life that I cannot control, there are also many more that are squarely in my hands.

Chief among these realizations is not  staying in places or around people that no longer serve me. I used to believe that even in the most heinous of environments, I had an obligation to “stay the course,” even if where I was brought me absolute misery. I suppose that my overwhelming sense of duty (Enneagram Type 1 problems) would overrule my self-preservation, wreaking havoc on my mental and emotional well-being. It has taken some time, but I have broken out of the false idea that I must stay in joyless, soul-crushing situations because if I leave, everything will fall apart. In reality, the world does indeed keep turning and even if things do fall apart in my absence, perhaps they were meant to collapse so that better things could take their place. Either way, it’s not my problem. The one person I am ultimately responsible for in this life is me. By taking that responsibility and bringing myself the joy, rest, and fulfillment I seek, I can be of greater service to others without the added trauma.

Funny how that all works out, huh?

So, as 2021 begins to take shape, so will my personal new normal. Naturally, I have every intention to take you along for the ride as I let you into my world in a new way. It’s about time we start having a little fun around here.

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