The Morning Method

Mornings and I have an… interesting relationship. On some days, I am eager to jump out of bed and hit the ground running. On others, it takes every ounce of strength I can muster to get my pinky toe to hit the floor. In either case, I know that I eventually have to leave the sanctuary of my bedroom and complete any number of tasks, be in going to to work, running errands, studying for my real estate license, or a little bit of everything. Therefore I have found that having some form of a morning routine is crucial for me. Below, a glimpse:

About Face: One thing that is non-negotiable is washing my face. Even if I have a short time to get ready, completing my morning skincare routine helps me wash away any leftover fatigue from the night before and helps me get grounded. I’ll share that routine in full detail at a later time, but for ow just know that a freshly washed face and clean teeth are my godsends.

A Spotless Mind: As counterintuitive as it seems, I rarely watch the news first thing in the morning. While it’s important to stay informed, I’d rather not start my day off with my head filled with some God-awful event that happened while I was sleeping. I save my news hunts for the afternoon when I have better presence of mind. Instead, I make it a point to journal, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Whether I’m recording my dreams, setting affirmations, or writing a gratitude list, writing for a few minutes each morning gets my mind working in a positive, productive manner and clears my head so that I can think through my day without much complication.

Breakfast of Champions: Even on my most chaotic days I never-and I mean never-skip breakfast. I have found that without it I’m sluggish and short-tempered, which kills my day even after I get a chance to eat. At the very least, I begin my day with a cup of coffee with some yogurt and granola. On days where I have more time, I’ll treat myself to eggs or homemade French toast. I also take several supplements to support my energy and skincare needs, namely SuperYou and SuperBeauty from Moon Juice.

Savvy Supplements: This and more can be found on

Audiophile: Lastly, great music is a no-brainer. Listening to something upbeat and positive that can sing along to in the car amps me up without fail. Favorites include Motown classic, EDM, or anything produced by DJ CoolBlaze (shameless plug: yes, he’s my brother, and yes he makes dope music).

How you start your day has a very profound effect how it ultimately goes. It is in your best interest to begin each morning well, with purpose, and ready to take on the day’s challenges with glowing skin, a clear head, a full belly, and smile on your face .

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