Songs in Your Head

Depression and anxiety are real, and it affects me on a fairly regular basis.  Even after identifying my triggers and doing well to avoid them alongside my adherence to a regimen of medication and therapy, the episodes still manage to slither in from time to time. Recently. I was contending with an unexpected wave of loneliness. Unfortunately it decided to show up at night, when all was quiet and I was alone with my irrational thoughts that I was unloved and undervalued. Intellectually, I know that those notions couldn’t be further from the truth. My heart, on the other hand, wasn’t getting the memo fast enough.

Recently, my counselor gave me a tool to use that I think can help us all. Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE music. Obviously, I use music as a coping mechanism and thus far it helps. But, there are times that I cannot reach for my iPhone and crank up my Spotify. On those days, she suggested that I purposely get a song stuck in my head, one that is uplifting and positive to drown out the negative thoughts or fill my mind when the silence threatens to overwhelm me.

Within this counsel is a deeper lesson. What songs do you get stuck in your head? Is is a song that says that you’re unworthy of love? Perhaps the lyrics spell out failure each and every time it plays on your mind. Worse yet are songs that talk about the myriad of ways your life may go awry. Each of these songs, while familiar, are not true. I challenge you to sing a new song to yourself. Sing about how you’ve overcome 100 percent of your worst days and are still standing. Make a melody about how though you may not be perfect, you are indeed more than enough and worthy of great things. Freestyle over a beat about how life’s challenges are only setting you up for a legendary comeback.

May we all sing a song-our song-about how amazing we truly are, flaws and all.

Having trouble picking out your anthem? Try one of mine from my (always growing) Spotify playlist full of feel-good jams.

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