The Story of Sam

I want to tell you a story about a boy named Sam. It’s 2004, my first day of high school. As we settled into homeroom, the teacher began roll call. She got to the name “Samantha.” “Actually, it’s Sam,” said a raspy voice from directly behind me. I looked back into the brilliant eyes of…


Their memories will have to do.

While I Was Away…

I am tempted to apologize for my absence, but it would have been a much greater disservice to write for the sake of writing without having something authentic to say.

“There is nothing to forgive.”

Grudges are exhausting-and I know this from firsthand experience. By staying angry at someone for some real or perceived slight, it simply drains us of our joy and precious energy that we could be directing towards more meaningful pursuits. Just recently, I encountered a situation where the temptation to stay angry was yet again rearing…

The Things We Carry

You can’t take everything and everyone with you during a season of change, particularly if it’s going to hamper your progress.

I Hope You Dance

I am confident that as I move through the years, I am exactly where I’m supposed to be at all times, so long as choose to dance through life rather than sit it out.

On Tragedy and Change

To see mass messages of condolences regarding a mass shooting among messages of love in celebration of Valentine’s Day was jarring to say the least.

On Compassion

Extend yourself some compassion; it can heal some nasty wounds and break even the strongest chains.


So, why share this with you? I share this to give others permission to seek this help if they need it.